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                      Zhejiang Jiangneng Construction Co., Ltd. (formerly Zhejiang Hydropower Construction Equipment Installation Company), formerly affiliated to the Zhejiang Provincial Water Resources Department, is a professional team of water conservancy and hydroelectric equipment installation engineering and hydraulic metal structure manufacturing and installation.With more than 50 years of experience in construction and integrated management, the main business covers project consulting, manufacturing, equipment installation, operation and maintenance, equipment maintenance, and technical transformation, combined with the province's “five water treatment” and “ecological hydropower,The development direction of smart hydropower, hydropower safety production standardization management, power internet, smart grid, timely and active management and technological innovation, and actively expand the “Belt and Road” The construction of the project will turn the company into a professional technical service enterprise for the construction and management of water conservancy and electric power.
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                    Engineering projects

                    Water conservancy and hydropower engineeringMechanical and electrical engineeringElectric power engineeringOperation and maintenance engineering



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